ORIA Board 

The ORIA Board consists of up to 16 people, two of whom are nominees of RANZCO. It is elected annually.

Prof Stephanie Watson, Sydney (Chair)

Prof Mark Gillies, Sydney (Vice Chairman)

Dr Richard Mills, Adelaide (Honorary Secretary)

A/Prof Paul Healey, Sydney (Honorary Treasurer)

Dr Fred Chen, Perth

Prof Jonathan Crowston, Melbourne

Dr Clare Fraser, Sydney

Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin, Melbourne

Prof Stuart Graham, Sydney

Dr Gerald Liew, Sydney

Prof David Mackey, Perth

Prof Peter J McCluskey, Sydney

Dr John Males, Sydney

Prof Paul Mitchell, Sydney

Dr Andrea Vincent, New Zealand

Dr Andrew White, Sydney






The ORIA’s Research Advisory Committee is made up of leading research ophthalmologists and vision scientists from Australia and New Zealand. The 15 Committee members will be selected annually from the panel.

Prof David Mackey (Chair)

Dr Alex Hewitt (Secretary)

Prof Stephanie Watson (ex-offico as Chair of ORIA)


Dr Chandrakumar Balaratnasingham

A/Prof Kathryn Burdon

A/Prof Robert Casson

Prof Jamie Craig

Dr Fred Chen

Dr Sing-Pey Chow

Prof Jonathon Crowston

Prof Helen Danesh-Meyer

Dr Tom Edwards

Prof Colin Green

Dr Samantha Fraser-Bell

Dr Clare Fraser

A/Prof John Foster

Dr Adrian Fung

A/Prof Nick Di Girolamo

Dr Chris Layton

Dr Trevor Sherwin

A/Prof Ian Trounce

Dr Peter Van Wijngaarden

Dr Andrea Vincent

Save Sight Society (NZ), rep – Dr Graham Wilson