2021 ORIA Board 

The ORIA Board consists of up to 16 people, two of whom are  RANZCO nominees

Members of the Board are elected annually. Congratulations to the current board-

Prof Stephanie Watson, Sydney (Chair)

Prof Mark Gillies, Sydney (Vice Chair)

A/Prof Richard Mills, Adelaide (Honorary Secretary)

Clin A/Prof Paul Healey, Sydney (Honorary Treasurer)

Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin,

Dr William (Bill) Glasson,

A/Prof Sam Fraser-Bell

Prof Stuart Graham

Prof Alex Hewitt

Dr George Kong

Prof David Mackey AO

A/Prof Chameen Samarawickrama

Dr Richard Stawell

Dr Andrea Vincent

A/Prof Peter van Wijngaarden


The ORIA’s Research Advisory Committee is made up of leading research ophthalmologists and vision scientists from Australia and New Zealand. The 15 Committee members will be selected annually from the panel.

Prof Alex Hewitt (Chair)

A/Prof Samantha Fraser Bell (Secretary)


Dr Jennifer Fan Gaskin

A/Prof Adrian Fung

Prof Damien Harkin

Dr Isabel Lopez Sanchez

A/Prof Michele Madigan

Prof Alice Pebay

A/Prof Chameen Samarawickrama

Prof Andrea Vincent

Prof Stephanie Watson (ex-offico as Chair of ORIA)

Dr Graham Wilson (Save Sight Representative)

Dr John Wood