Published paper results from 2018 ORIA funding. MicroRNA-223 Regulates Retinal Function and Inflammation in the Healthy and Degenerating Retina

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MicroRNA-223 Regulates Retinal Function and Inflammation in the Healthy and Degenerating Retina

Introduction: MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are small, non-coding RNA molecules that have powerful regulatory properties, with the ability to regulate multiple messenger RNAs (mRNAs) and biological pathways. MicroRNA-223-3p (miR-223) is known to be a critical regulator of the innate immune response, and its dysregulation is thought to play a role in inflammatory disease progression. Despite miR-223 upregulation in numerous neurodegenerative conditions, largely in cells of the myeloid lineage, the role of miR-223 in the retina is relatively unexplored. Here, we investigated miR-223 in the healthy retina and in response to retinal degeneration.

Methods: miR-223-null mice were investigated in control and photo-oxidative damage- induced degeneration conditions. Encapsulated miR-223 mimics were intravitreally and intravenously injected into C57BL/6J wild-type mice. Retinal functional responses were measured using electroretinography (ERG), while extracted retinas were investigated by retinal histology (TUNEL and immunohistochemistry) and molecular analysis (qPCR and FACS).

Results: Retinal function in miR-223− / − mice was adversely affected, indicating that miR-223 may be critical in regulating the retinal response. In degeneration, miR- 223 was elevated in the retina, circulating serum, and retinal extracellular vesicles. Conversely, retinal microglia and macrophages displayed a downregulation of miR- 223. Further, isolated CD11b+ inflammatory cells from the retinas and circulation of miR-223-null mice showed an upregulation of pro-inflammatory genes that are critically linked to retinal inflammation and progressive photoreceptor loss. Finally, both local and systemic delivery of miR-223 mimics improved retinal function in mice undergoing retinal degeneration.…/fcell.2020.00516/full

Nilisha Fernando1, Josephine H. C. Wong1, Shannon Das1, Catherine Dietrich1,
Riemke Aggio-Bruce1,2, Adrian V. Cioanca1, Yvette Wooff1,2, Joshua A. Chu-Tan1,2,
Ulrike Schumann1, Chinh Ngo1, Rohan W. Essex3, Camilla Dorian4, Sarah A. Robertson4, Si Ming Man1, Jan Provis1 and Riccardo Natoli1,2*